Nick Wooster on Menswear 2014

Details published a great and hilariously true interview with Nick Wooster about Menswear in 2014.

Source: Nick Wooster on Menswear 2014


“Menswear moves incrementally—at a snail’s pace. It builds and builds and builds, and I feel like 2013 was no different. The one outstanding feature of 2013 was the fact that we saw a lot of retail consolidations and a lot of takeovers—and social media. This has a cumulative effect on menswear and if there’s one outstanding feature, I would say that menswear is, finally, out of the closet.

“And yes I mean exactly what you think I mean. Guys, all guys—gay, straight, married, single, old, young—really care about how they look. And they’re not afraid to talk about it, they’re not afraid to look at it, they’re not afraid to ask about it, and they’re not afraid to show it.”

Trends or Something Longer Lasting?

“I hate the word trend; it’s the antithesis of everything menswear, because really, menswear is built on a foundation and it’s always about adding, you know, cultivating like a garden. That said, things like prints and the color black are important again. And I think there’s more of a dichotomy between what’s in and what’s out or what’s cool, and I think you’re gonna see a broadening of ideas—much like womenswear, where there’s all kinds of things, there’s no single trend. I think that’s probably the single biggest, single most exciting part of what I hope will be a great year.”


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