Style Tip [For Men] – Transforming the Jeans and Tshirt



 On most men’s style blogs, they feature suits, blazers, and oxfords. It can be hard for men to come up with stylish casual outfits.  There’s the typical guy look – jeans and a tshirt. The key to quickly “class up” your look is all in the styling.  Style Tip – (1) Roll your pant cuffs; don’t be afraid to show some ankle (2)Good shoes! Shoes are so important in “the world of menswear.” Some suggestions (for casual wear): Converse All stars, Jack Purcell, Macallister boots, Sperry boat shoes, New Balance tennis shoes, or Nike running shoes. (3)Bracelets…yes, for men. (4) If the sleeves are long enough, why not give them the slightest roll too. (5) When grabbing for a coat, resist your hoodie. There are tons of great quality hoodies out there, but mix it up. Go for a cardigan or leather jacket! (6) Add sunglasses …only if it is indeed sunny outside. (7) Most importantly, keep the hair and beard groomed always!

Photo Source: I AM GALLA’s Instagram


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