Milan Fashion Week – Dolce and Gabana

I obviously don’t view everyone’s collections, but after reading Vogue’s article on the hair and makeup at Dolce and Gabana [which I’ll post later], I had to look through their show! One of my favourite parts of fashion week is actually once it’s over and seeing the different pieces pop up on the red carpet and recognizing them. Theses dresses are absolutely stunning!!!

Love it! The dress is so elegant, and the shoes add the perfect touch of cool.
My absolute favourite look!! So glamorous, yet sweet and pretty!

The word to describe this dress – rich


Classic D&G

I am totally seeing tons of celebrities wearing this!

This whole look is fabulous, but surprisingly (or maybe not for me) it’s the socks that totally sell me on this look! Where do I get a pair?! 😉

I know this is a fall look, but this dress makes me so excited for spring!!



Source: Vogue


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