Four Year-Old Girl Designs Paper Dresses

I’m sure most of you have seen the article on The Huffington Post about the little four year-old girl who started designing dresses with the help of her mom. I was astounded!!! Here are some of my favourite ones, which turned out to be practically all of them except one or two. Find the other ones by clicking the source 🙂 Oh, and I absolutely love that her name is Mayhem!

Source: The Huffington Post

1.I’m only going to number my top three, but this one is my favourite! It’s not the most impressive technical work or the “prettiest,” but I love that it was inspired by her first trip to the aquarium. I love how she used the shark as inspiration and transformed it into this dress.o-1643876-570-3

2. Alright, I just love this one because of the ombre pink and the super cute headphones!


3. Absolutely stunning! I loved the original so what’s not to love about this well-executed copy?!











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