Challenge – What’s Your Style?

It’s that time again, time for a challenge! I had a great response and feedback from the last one! The comment I heard most was, “You can pull that off, but I couldn’t.” I totally understand that my style isn’t everyone’s. To someone people, it’s risky. For others, it’s too safe or minimalist. Well, that’s the whole point of style! It’s my own. So, I thought I would challenge you all with the task of showing me your style.

**Challenge: Take an OOTD (outfit of the day) photo and instagram or blog it, then hashtag #stylenottrend .

I’ll go through and choose my favourite, possibly one for men’s and another for women’s, and post it right here on the blog! That could be you! I’ll also link it to your blog if you want! Have fun! Enter a couple times!


P.S. You know I couldn’t just post this without declaring my desire for that wonderful shirt; see how cozy that material looks! Plus, this model is gorgeous! Love how little makeup she is wearing!

Photo Source: Pinterest


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