So Long Ago Sunday

Haha, yes, I know that #solongagosunday isn’t a thing, but I use the excuses I can get. Every year (starting in 2011) I have documented my outfit of the days  (OOTD). I am so glad that this is something I have done! It is hilariously embarrassing to see some of the things I have worn (2011 was a rough patch for this girl, and it wasn’t from lack of effort). Over all, I am quite proud of my wardrobe choices throughout the years. However, I can’t say the same for my hair! Woah, how did my mother let my walk out the door with that frizz mess? Oh well, the memories might just be worth looking bad all those years 😉 It’s been too long since I’ve done a personal style post so I decided to pull a random OOTD post from 2012 to share with you all.

Photo Credit: MacKenna Unger

tumblr_mahfcdir8g1qzg41zo1_500Shirt: Unknown  Vest: Crewcuts  Pants: Madewell  Boots: some Parisian boutique


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