The “Tomboy” came out a little while ago with this great slideshow of some of the most stylish, revolutionary tomboys of their time. It made me realize that I have a little more tomboy in me than I originally thought. All these women have mastered the true meaning of the “effortless, cool look.” The key is to use masculine pieces that fit your feminine body. I picked out some of my favourites to show you!

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Coco Chanel004-tomboy-katharine-hepburn_162945552101

Katherine Hepburnlaurenhutton

Lauren Hutton

Jane Birkin011-tomboy-winona-ryder-winonaryderforever_162950107324

Winona Ryder020-cara-delevingne-milan-street-6-5-tomboy_162958173635

Cara Delevingneerinwasson

Erin Wassonjihyepark

Ji Hye Parklaurenremingtonplatt

Lauren Remmington


Marina MunozalanazimmerAlana Zimmer

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