“It’s a Style Blogger Thing…”

I follow a handful of style bloggers on instagram and have started to notice a common thread amongst this diverse group of people – They love photographing their ice cream cones! I don’t know what the appeal is. Maybe someone can explain it to me. I would definitely admit ice cream is delicious (duh) and that it possesses a certain beauty of its own kind, but it is very interesting that it has become an object of such widespread documentation. Well, as an aspiring style blogger myself I did what any other sane person would, I snapped a picture of my ice cream. Enjoy the inspiring ice cream shots below 🙂

Top Offender: Julie Sarinana of Sincerely Jules



Honourable Mention: Adam Gallagher of I AM GALLA



Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage

Tuula Vintage

Aimee Song of Song of Style

Filippo Cirulli of The Three Fs
Filippo Cirulli

Andy Torres of Style ScrapbookSS

KoL Unger of Style Not Trend

Source: Respective Instagrams of Each

@sincerelyjules, @iamgalla, @filippocirulli, @stylescrapbook, @tuulavintage, @songofstyle

2 thoughts on ““It’s a Style Blogger Thing…”

  1. Oh my gosh I just looked at your blog and I love it!!!! Especially this one about the ice cream :). Excited for Senate with you this year!



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