OOTD – A Non-Skater at the Skate Park

I don’t skate, yet I found myself on a glorious Wednesday morning at a skate park. Looking back on this quick shoot, I realize how much it epitomizes what summer really is – crazy (changing in car trunks), fun (dancing for the whole park), sunny (as Seattle finally understood that this is how summer should be), and filled with happy hilarious moments.

I bought this shirt for a project I had for my internship on the BP. Fashion Board, and I am SO glad I did! It is so light and has proven so wonderful to have in the 90*F weather we’ve been having. Not to mention, it adds a little youthfulness to my printless and patternless closet. However, to keep it from getting too girly I just had to add a backwards baseball cap and my lucky converse ūüėČ

I hope that all of your summers have been marvelous and filled with memories! Live happy!







034-IMG_1746Shirt: BP. Nordstrom  Pants: Gap  Shoes: Nordstrom  Necklace: Nordstrom  Hat: Mariners Team Shop

Photography by: Sarah Surface



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