The Temptation of Silver

Someone tell me – Do most seventeen year-olds dream of the day they will have silver/grey hair? And I just LOVE when women in their 20s and 30s dye their hair silver! Now, I am so happy everyday that I have red hair. I have always loved its colour and curl, but I already know now that within the next ten years or so I am going to have to resist the temptation to go silver. Luckily, my firm belief that I couldn’t pull it off currently staves off such temptations.

Next Car on that Train of Thought: I am such a believer in the beauty of age. I view aging as a gift denied to so many. I hope I am lucky enough to have wrinkles and grey hair one day.

P.S. Take a moment to appreciate how especially gorgeous these first two photos are. Great quality, enviable pajama shirt, stunning simplicity of makeup…oh, and that hair of course 😉

Photo Source: 1     2     3     4





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