Fall – 3 Ways

Autumn is upon us, my friends! It always seems like everyone jumps to the conclusion that that equates to leggings, boots, and sweaters. That’s all wonderful, but to put it simply: why does the myriad of styles get reduced to one look? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. I, along with two of my wonderful friends, decided to show a couple of different styles for the upcoming fall weather. This worked so perfectly because our styles are truly so different from each other. Maddie (left) has more of a preppy style while Cayti (right) goes for the bohemian hippie vibe. Enough rambling, take a look!

Photography by: Sarah Surface




Shirt: Brooks Brothers  Skirt: J.Crew  Boots: Tory Burch




Shirt: Nordstrom  Skirt: Free People  Shoes: BirkenstockIMG_2606



Hat: Lucky Brand  Shirt: J.Crew  Shorts: Thrifted  Shoes: Random Boutique in Paris


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