Forget the Dress Shirt

I think guys often get caught up in the misconception that suit pants must be paired with a dress shirt or something equally formal. This takes away so many options of how to wear those slacks! Don’t be afraid to go casual with them. Stuck on what to wear some weekend (or weekday if you have a job that doesn’t require business attire)? Step it up a notch from your typical jeans and tshirt pairing without taking it all the way to the three-piece suit level. Pair your suit pants with a plain white tee for a unique look that will definitely call some attention to yourself. However, avoid the hazardous pitfall of wearing the equivalent of a $5 Hanes shirt. Keep it classy by making sure that your shirt is made from quality material and fits well. Trust me; this will be a more than worthy investment of your time to find this perfect white tshirt; you and and your wardrobe will appreciate its presence. Take cues from the photos below for how to style your outfit. Pair it with loafers or a denim jacket or your favourite winter coat, whatever best matches your individual style!




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