Simplicity as a Statement

This is one of my favourite shoots. It’s kinda old, but the style is so incredible and wearable. The black and white mixed with the university environment add to the romantic shoot by adding the perfect touch of class. It just goes to show that great style isn’t necessarily found in flamboyant prints and complex pairings. Simplicity can make just as much as statement in fashion.

Source: Cameron Russell for Man About Town (Spring 2013)  4c5454f9627ef490a7d58afc3216a98c9d997a73fa164ce0bb49e22e23384490

c7e29e132b73bcad452699c9f4fa208f7a84a89261e77971883b39cf2e251eaf05214f2569c639dffcc76782c3d5b8fc 1f9ecb639c4bd58fff2b637913612e5e 6efd644e90ab5d4e68577a335a01a67d


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