Clash with Casual

In the past couple years, fashion has taken a liking to adding a casual edge to the dressiest, most refined outfits. It was not just the masses that leaped at this new trend; red carpets and runways alike were surprisingly eager to embrace the movement. Most noticeably, sneakers came onto the scene. While this trend is old (hitting full force with Chanel’s Fall 2014 collection featuring sneakers on the runway), I am just now fully appreciating it. As I’ve said in previous posts, my style is most definitely classic and casual so sneakers were a welcome part of my wardrobe. However, in moving to New York this last week I’ve found a new love for sneakers. I walk a TON,  and frankly right now any other shoes are completely undesirable. Thus I come back to my point. Praise the Lord that sneakers are “cool” and “in” right now! So in the spirit of my obsession with this beloved shoe, here are some of my favourite moments of clashing stark white sneakers with the polished suit.








Sources linked through photos or unknown.

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