Sporting Winter

Winter rolled in today! NYC’s weather has been so fickle this fall. Flipping back and forth from a warm 60* to a freezing 35*. Has the nicer fall weather really left us for the year? I don’t know, but winter prep has begun. All skin cleansers and exfoliates have been shoved to the back of the cabinet, and the moisturizers and face oils are being piled on liberally. My aching hands have let me know that gloves should probably be bought before the snow comes. (Side note: why did I think NYC rained a lot? Maybe it’s my Seattlite perspective, but it so rarely rains! My umbrella and rain boots sit idle in the closet. Alright, back to winter…) Thermals and black turtlenecks are being prepped to be worn under my outfits every. single. day.  When winter comes around annually (as the seasonal calendar says it does), we inevitably fall into the habit of wearing the same clothes day in and day out. Once you find a combo that keeps you warm in the biting cold, you cling on tight. As a result, style and self expression can tend to take a blow. I’ve been searching for some inspiration to personalize my “winter uniform” and add my personal style to the functionality of warmth. Those who know me, know I wear a hat almost everyday. My go-to is a baseball cap…slightly obsessed…with beanies occasionally thrown in the mix. With the help of these images, I head into winter with a style game plan. Any signature pieces that will marking your winter looks? Comment below!

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For practicality's sake, I would recommend pants. It's a matter of warm really ;)
For practicality’s sake, I would recommend pants. It’s a matter of warm really 😉


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