D E S I G N.

So often people fail to recognize the presence of inspiration around us. The intricacy of the simplest designs can spark the best ideas. Architecture, nature, art, books, songs, clothes, magazines…the endless list of places to find inspiration! Inspiration for your outfit or personal style doesn’t have to come from clothing. Break down what you see before your eyes and try to reinterpret it into a look. Whenever I was stuck on creative project at school, I would take something, whether a story, art piece, or song, and focus on it until I came upon a totally unique, fresh idea. The results after doing this musing always became my favourite projects (and best grades 😉 ). I like to compare it to a less stressful version of what they do on Project Runway, and you only have to use the concept behind the “unconventional material” not actually incorporate it…and no sewing…alright, a very loose version of Project Runway. I’ll admit my main reason for this post is because I love art, and I wanted an excuse to post beautiful designs I’ve bookmarked for awhile now. For your viewing pleasure and source of inspiration:

Photo by: Erik Madigan Heck
I love the contrast – the grace and fluidity of a ballerina with the geometry of movement!
“Never Closer than Now” by Chad Wys
Photo by: Natasha Newton Art



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