B’s, Be’s, & Bee’s

Years ago, I found this ring on Pinterest. I loved it and wanted it! The humble bee is so intriguing. So many connotations come to mind -honey, queen, sting, worker – only further complicating its multi-faceted nature. Are they sweet, authoritative, fierce, or hard-working? Well, I’m no apiologist (yes, I googled that) so I couldn’t tell you, but their complex nature and intricate form has proven to occasionally pop up as a source of inspiration in the fashion world.

Click the photo for the link to buy!

It was most recently and divinely interpreted by Dior at their Paris couture show. The bejeweled bees over the transparent tulle seem to be resting from their flight ever so delicately on the model’s hands. The scientific insect harmoniously blends into the artistic designs set forth.



Interestingly, Chanel as well featured bees in some of their looks. Some of the gowns were covered in them, and there were also bee earrings. Who knew bees were having such a moment in fashion?




Honey bees were brought into fashion a little while ago by J.Crew as well in their campaign to help save the bees. Having featured a similar campaign for elephants, their company does a marvelous job of having their designs stand for justice and humanity by reflecting the beauty of the animals through the fashion-conscious garments themselves.



Sarah Jessica Parker showed her support for the campaign, donning one of the brand’s pieces.


With so many beautiful interpretations of the honey bee, I’m thinking it’s time to go back and buy that ring. While we’re on the topic of bees, why don’t we close out this post with this lovely piece of art? šŸ˜‰



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