Pitti Uomo – Mecca of Menswear

Pitti Uomo has come and gone leaving behind a stardust of street style to admire. Compared to men’s fashion weeks, Pitti Uomo takes first in the street style department. The reason? Unknown. (Perhaps the size of the city and the concentrated nature of the shows make it easier for the photographers to capture it all.) While there has been ranting about the traditionalist nature of the street style, I can’t say I’m upset about it. Yes, most men chose to suit up instead of sporting the constantly rising athleisure trend. However, many men used their outerwear and subtle details to add a unique twist to the approach. I personally don’t prescribe to the athleisure trend or like its massive take over. It’s great for a trip to the gym or a casual weekend look, but effort and thoughtfulness are too often remiss in people’s outfits. Sweats do not equal Yeezy-style. All that to say, I appreciated the perhaps less casual, more traditionalist looks that showed up at Pitti Uomo this year.

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P.S. I’m back! I have studying in London for the past months so I decided to take a break and just focus on travelling and enjoying my time.


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