NYC: Coffee Shops & Bookstores

My weekend philosophy. One should always have a day to go without makeup. With autumn here in full force, pair this look with something warm and fuzzy to allow yourself to go out and adventure without leaving behind that cozy weekend feel. For me, this day is often Saturday. While the rest of New York City is sleeping off Friday night’s revelries, I set out, donning my bedhead, sleepy eyes, and a comfy sweatshirt, to explore a new neighborhood. I usually don’t let myself get too casual (Leggings = gym wear, Sweats = I am only venturing within the acceptable two block radius of my apartment). I “dressed up” the look with a pair of cropped jeans and a tartan coat. Outfit in check, I headed out. After living in Manhattan for two years, I usually have to turn to another borough to find an unexplored gem. This weekend was Bushwick.

My thoughts: 1. I had the best coffee in the city (now that Ralph’s is gone, RIP). Sey Coffee is a spacious, (we’re in BK after all), plant and concrete-filled cafe that serves not only a great cappuccino but amazing cookies. (Admission: Yes, half of my meals in life are made up of a cup of coffee and a pastry.) 2. Human Relations, a nostalgic, used bookstore, blessed me with beautiful copies of Sweet Thursday by Steinbeck and You Only Live Twice by Ian Fleming.  I hemorrhage money in bookstores, which sadly necessitates banning myself from them the majority of the time. I don’t do window shopping; that is called unnecessary self-torture. All that to say, this store was a lovely find 😉 3. I had a wonderful time, but there is nothing like returning to Manhattan. I am a Manhattan girl, no doubt about it.

In the midst of our explorations, Alexis snapped some photos of me so I figured I would post them here. Also, artsy poses as directed by Alexis. I’m a good model; I do as I’m told.


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